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EPA issues No Further Remediation Letter.

10/10/13 — After a decade, cleanup efforts at Freeport’s Rawleigh Complex are now complete. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent the City a “No Further Remediation Letter” on Thursday, October 10, which means the site is no longer contaminated. City officials hope the completion on environmental cleanup at the Rawleigh Complex could spur long-awaited economic growth in the […]

Freeport, IL awarded $200,000 Area-Wide Planning Grants from USEPA.

5/1/2013 — Freeport was awarded a $200,000 area-wide planning grant from USEPA. A total of 20 USEPA grants were awarded nation-wide for 2013. The Freeport grant will help advance the community’s cutting-edge brownfield redevelopment programs. You can read summaries of the projects on the USEPA website.