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EPA issues No Further Remediation Letter.

10/10/13 — After a decade, cleanup efforts at Freeport’s Rawleigh Complex are now complete. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent the City a “No Further Remediation Letter” on Thursday, October 10, which means the site is no longer contaminated. City officials hope the completion on environmental cleanup at the Rawleigh Complex could spur long-awaited economic growth in the […]

Freeport, IL awarded $200,000 Area-Wide Planning Grants from USEPA.

5/1/2013 — Freeport was awarded a $200,000 area-wide planning grant from USEPA. A total of 20 USEPA grants were awarded nation-wide for 2013. The Freeport grant will help advance the community’s cutting-edge brownfield redevelopment programs. You can read summaries of the projects on the USEPA website.

Amtrak Blackhawk rail stop for Freeport, Illinois.

9/21/2012 —  Freeport, Illinois will be one of the stops on the Blackhawk Amtrak line, which will connect Chicago to Dubuque and is slated to return to passenger service in 2014. The City of Freeport aims to spur a larger economic impact, with the project by making it a regional multimodal hub that integrates rail, local transit, regional bus […]

City of Freeport Receives HUD funding.

4/12/2012 — The City of Freeport, Illinois has been awarded $295,419 in HUD funds to advance the “Freeport Riverfront Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Growth Initiative”, a dynamic initiative to create jobs and position the community within the global economy. This initiative centers around Freeport’s Downtown Riverfront, anchored by the “Rawleigh Corridor”—a 14-block redevelopment area including the 450,000 square foot, 5-building […]