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EPA issues No Further Remediation Letter.

10/10/13 — After a decade, cleanup efforts at Freeport’s Rawleigh Complex are now complete. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent the City a “No Further Remediation Letter” on Thursday, October 10, which means the site is no longer contaminated. City officials hope the completion on environmental cleanup at the Rawleigh Complex could spur long-awaited economic growth in the […]

Freeport looks ahead to brownfield plan improvements and proposed food enterprise center.

9/21/2012 — Proposed upgrades to the former Rawleigh Complex in Freeport’s 3rd Ward could bring good things to the ward and the needs of its residents–and have benefits that extend beyond the boundaries of the project. The planning team has proposed that the complex of buildings be reused as a food enterprise center that could offer residents entrepreneurial opportunities to […]