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A Range of Housing.
In addition to artist live/work housing, the Rawleigh Reuse Strategy envisions a range of housing options from affordable apartments to high-end urban loft condominiums.

Market Rate Housing. Rawleigh offers rich historical architecture for market rate, downtown housing. Over the last decade, demand for quality downtown housing has increased nationwide. This has been driven by:

  • Baby Boomers: Baby boomers are transitioning from their working/child-rearing years to their retirement/“empty-nester” years and seeking downtown housing that’s walkable to culture, dining, shopping, and recreation.
  • Millenials: Millennials are, on average, staying single longer, postponing starting families, and searching for communities that offer urban lifestyle amenities and experiences.
  • Changing Housing Market: The housing downturn since 2008/2009 has created a paradigm shift in the way people approach and think about housing choices. It is no longer assumed that large, owner-occupied single-family homes are the best/only housing choice.


The Freeport area (within 20 miles) is seeing growth of 18-34 year olds and 55+ year olds with incomes that can afford rent / mortgages for market-rate apartments and condos. The City of Freeport Downtown Housing Market Analysis projects a demand of approximately 80 market-rate downtown units in Freeport over a five-year period.


  • Focus on housing at “Building B” which is best suited for housing due to its floor plan, column spacing, and large windows.