Daily Archives: November 19, 2014

EPA issues No Further Remediation Letter.

10/10/13 — After a decade, cleanup efforts at Freeport’s Rawleigh Complex are now complete. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency sent the City a “No Further Remediation Letter” on Thursday, October 10, which means the site is no longer contaminated. City officials hope the completion on environmental cleanup at the Rawleigh Complex could spur long-awaited economic growth in the […]

UW-Madison Urban Planning students take a look at Freeport.

12/13/2014 — Freeport residents heard an outside perspective on their city when students from Alfonso Morales’ graduate class on urban and regional planning from the University of Wisconsin-Madison presented findings on the status of the city’s east-side and riverfront areas. Students spent the semester analyzing trends in Freeport as a part of their studies and came up with seven […]

Mayor’s View: This is the beginning of the next chapter.

3/8/2014 — Freeport Mayor Jim Gitz provides his perspective on the recent sale of Building D in the Rawleigh Complex to a local business for redevelopment. This is the second building in the former Rawleigh Industrial Complex that has been transferred to private ownership. Private redevelopment on the site is good for Freeport in several ways: economic development […]